About Ecology Prime

The Ecology Prime™ Mission

“The mission of Ecology Prime™ is to connect students, consumers, businesses and cultures worldwide in the study and exploration of the environment and the day’s environmental dynamics through collaborative education, communication, project sharing, travel and publishing at the personal, local and global levels.

The goal of Ecology Prime™ is to be the world’s go-to resource and publishing platform for students, consumers and businesses for environmental information and global collaboration.”


What is Ecology Prime™?

Ecology Prime™ is the future of global, personal collaboration for life and living.

EcologyPrime™ is developing as the ONLY global, collaborative eco-exploration, research, study, multimedia publishing, travel and wellness platform connecting students, faculties, consumers and businesses worldwide on environmental studies and the day’s environmental dynamics. It provides an easy-to-access-and-use hub system for environmental engagement that doubles as a source for global publishing, ecotourism and personal wellness, linking all cultures regardless of language.


Welcome to the Ecology Prime™ Gateway!

Ecology Prime™ is an emerging global collaborative community that is connecting everyday people from all walks of life in all cultures and destinations worldwide in environmental study and everyday ecological connections. It’s on a personal level at each person’s pace and in consideration of their interests. 

The Ecology Prime™ Gateway is the bridge to the World Premiere of Ecology Prime™… and our users are invited to join us for the ride!

The EP Gateway will be the place for all users to make their home by sharing their world with others while being to see, visit and experience other people’s worlds.  Each day will bring a new learning experience and a way of looking at our global home in ways we’ve never seen before. 

Ecology Prime™ is a global hub system and platform to combine and engage everyone and all sources in the study of our environment.  College students and faculties are the EP Hub System and Network, not only sharing their work and resources in support of their studies and career decisions, but also to publish their works and creative thinking for all consumers and businesses, who in turn can provide their input for the benefit of all users. Each person’s works are credited to them in perpetuity with the opportunity for financial credit.

This is Ecology Prime™… and the power being built behind it is the Ecology Prime™ Information Network System. It’s a highly-developed, user-friendly database, transactional and travel booking system that:

  • Connects Students, Faculties, Consumers & Businesses worldwide for ecological study and collaboration.
  • Provides a Universal Network of Destinations.
  • Connects the Global Brain Trust of all people, regardless of culture or language.
  • Links All Regions & People Globally for eco-exploration, virtually and on-site.
  • Stores and Easily Makes Available All Global Data.
  • Creates the #1 Go-To Resource and Search Engine for ecological study, business and living.
  • Delivers High Economic Impact for users, local businesses, foundations and communities worldwide.
  • Is Driven by Futuristic Technology for easy and fun usage, participation & collaboration.
  • Has High Personal Appeal and Involvement for all.

… and it’s Globally Interactive 24/7!

Ecology Prime™ is designed to become the Global Amazon for the Environment

… in Learning

… Teaching

… Discovering

… Exploring

… Communicating

… Sharing!

And it is starting here with Ecology Prime™ Gateway!


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