Meet our dedicated


Eric McLamb

Founder, Chairman & CEO

With over 35 years of experience in mainstream multimedia, cable/satellite/broadcast communications, environmental media and journalism – including extensive work with Turner and Discovery networks and numerous environmental groups such as Cousteau, Audubon and WWF – Eric envisioned a world where everyone can connect, share and communicate with each other through media on the environment and the day’s ecological dynamics. He leads a top-flight veteran team doing just that, with deep commitment to bringing relevance and understanding of the realities of living to all people on common ground.

Jane Engelsiepen

Executive Publisher, Chief Web Officer

With 35+ years in the entertainment industry as a design and production professional, Jane brings a designer’s eye and an entrepreneur’s business acumen to the Ecology Prime™ team. Her career highlights include being co-owner and manager of a cutting-edge LA digital visual effects studio, Ace Award winning television Production Designer, original content creator and environmental media producer and publisher.

Mark Coleman

Emerging Sustainability Enterprise Executive Founder & President, Convergence Mitigation Management (CMM)

Mark is an award-winning author and a recognized voice, business advisor, entrepreneur and consultant on sustainable enterprise and the convergence of energy, technology, environmental stewardship and innovation. Mark is in his element with Ecology Prime™ as he always is when helping individuals and organizations advance sustainability through operational effectiveness, change management, and business strategy and development.

Mary Lou Davidson

Senior VP of Marketing & Social Media

Entreprenuer and media consultant, working in broadcast/podcast, digital and print media. Created three nationally syndicated radio programs from conept to distribution. Specializing in niche content in categories of pets, publishing and environmental interests. Very social. Find me on Facebook and Instagram.

Kenichi Sugihara

Marketing Director of Ecology Prime Publications™ Marketing Director of SelectBooks, Inc.

Having joined SelectBooks as Marketing Director in 2002, Kenichi is an integral part of SelectBooks driving Ecology Prime Publications™. Prior to joining SelectBooks, Kenichi worked for the music department at Oxford University Press where he was the hire library manager and permissions manager. After leaving OUP, Kenichi served as the archive manager for the Milken Archive of American Jewish Music.

Jill Russell

Treasurer and Strategic Business Development Owner & President, Westchester Insurance Associates

Jill brings her 40-plus years as a business owner and strategic advisor for wide-ranging businesses involving corporate development and marketing to EPMI’s overall fiscal management. Her personal commitment to the principle values of Ecology Prime™ makes her uniquely suited to help ensure sure the Company does the right business the right way.

SelectBooks, Inc. & Waterside Productions

Anchor Publishers and Founders of Ecology Prime Publications™

Spearheading Ecology Prime Publications™ are SelectBooks, Inc. of New York, NY, and Waterside Productions Inc. of San Diego, CA. SelectBooks is an independent publisher based in New York City serving a mission to bring readers the best from both new authors and proven voices across a diverse set of topics since 2001. SelectBooks is partnered with Waterside Productions for the international production and distribution of Ecology Prime Publications™. Waterside Productions is one of the most successful literary agencies in the world, primarily focusing on non-fiction. Having placed thousands of titles worldwide, Waterside has a robust foreign rights division and has generated tens of millions of dollars with placement of titles in more than forty languages.

Environment News Service (ENS)

The original international daily wire service of the environment, Environment News Service (ENS) is the anchor for Ecology Prime™ global news and news curation. ENS exists to provide late-breaking news of the environment from around the world, supported by correspondents in over 35 countries covering all continents.

Aleta M. Frost

President & Chief Operating Officer

Aleta brings unique leadership to Ecology Prime™ as a diversified industry executive with the ability to analyze complex markets and competitive information across multiple business models and transform analysis into action for investment, strategic and joint venture partnership, acquisition and divestiture. She infuses her deep understanding of the myriad delicate connections between business integrity and human ecological needs into the Ecology Prime™ engine.

Jack Hall

Education & Science Counselor Chairman & Professor Emeritus – Department of Environmental Science University of North Carolina at Wilmington

With nearly 40 years in post-secondary environmental science education, plus 18+ years with Founder Eric McLamb in television and multimedia publishing, Dr. Jack Hall brings his vision of global collaboration among all students to Ecology Prime™ as only he can. Dr. Jack instills a sense of exploration and fascination with dry-wit entertainment for all students.

Kenzi Sugihara

Publisher of Ecology Prime Publications™ Owner & Publisher of SelectBooks, Inc

As Founder of SelectBooks, Kenzi masterminds the network of connections between fascinating sources and all people through Ecology Prime Publications™. Prior to founding SelectBooks in 2001, he served in a variety of executive roles including Vice President and Publisher of Computer Books and Electronic Publishing at Bantam Doubleday Dell and Publisher of Reference and Computer Books and Vice President at Random House.

Dr. James de Jarnette, Ph.D.

As a leader of human inner ecology for Ecology Prime™, Dr. de Jarnette has been combining his 40-plus years expertise in human behavior as it co-operates with and through the natural environmental surround. For Dr. Jim, harmony is necessary for all to survive and prosper.

Sunny Lewis

News Editor in Chief Owner & Publisher of Environment News Service (ENS)

An experienced broadcast journalist, Sunny founded the Environment News Service (ENS) in 1990, covering fast-moving situations and developing stories from around the globe. She has assembled talented writers in dozens of countries who report on events affecting the planet - from climate to wildlife, from natural disasters to new technology.

José Fas

Of Counsel, Edge Legal Strategies, PSC - Puerto Rico

José Fas is EPMI’s international development counsel with over 20 years of international general corporate, administrative, business development, public affairs and government relations jurisprudence. His extensive experience includes having served with the Puerto Rico Treasury Department, Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Caribbean Bioresearch, Inc. and Goldman, Antonetti & Cordova Attorneys at Law among others.

Robert Dietrich

Comptroller, Finance and Strategic Development Officer

Owner of Interlaken LLC, Robert brings over 30 years in international corporate finance and strategic development for small to large companies to Ecology Prime™. He helps ensure the Company’s global positioning is sound and well-grounded to best work with and serving the best interests of each individual business system.

Bizgenics Foundation & SaaS Ventures, LLC

Co-Founders: Steve Sue and Tim Caminos

Bizgenics (BGF) and SaaS Ventures (SaaS) together are EPMI’s lead tech team… powering and development of, implementing and managing the futuristic IT and SaaS platform behind the Ecology Prime™ Information Network System (EPINS), the heart of Ecology Prime™. Led by IT visionaries Steve Sue and Tim Caminos, their legacy platform development involves, among many objectives, empowerment of youth, education and productive human development that are backed by deep tech designers and coders and leading AI tech engineers. Design, execute and implement SaaS applications and platform. Construct all coding and transformational applications.