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Connecting the World’s Environmental Foundations with People Worldwide in a Collaborative Community of Engagement, Support and Action.

The goal of Ecology Prime™ is to be the world’s go-to resource and publishing platform for students, consumers and businesses for environmental information and global collaboration.”

Ecology Prime™ Foundations Committee

Cyndi Cook
Executive Director, Sales and Partnerships

Kevin Stolpe
Senior Executive Director. Strategic Development

Gil Schmidt
International Director, Strategic Development

Anchored in Ecology Prime™ from the Start:

Ecology Prime™ Foundations is anchored within the main Ecology Prime™ Information Network System that powers the main global collaborative platform where the world’s brain trust on ecology and the day’s environmental dynamics come together.  It’s a global collaboration of students, faculties, consumers and businesses of all cultures.

Ecology Prime™ Foundations will be anchored by the global website domain:

How It Works:

Foundations Worldwide Have Their Own Individual Platforms to constantly communicate their work, progress and other activity, amplify their message and engage users in continuous activity on the Ecology Prime™ worldwide network.

  • Meticulous and professional curation in partnership with each foundation
  • Custom messaging to users, news coverage and social media
  • Book publications for international distribution, including education, consumer and business.
  • Integration and participation with student-faculty study, projects and events.
  • Tie-ins, affiliations and events with Ecology Prime™ Destinations around the globe.

Children’s Hospice of America and Kristie’s Foundation are the anchors of Ecology Prime™ Foundations, working with the Ecology Prime™ Gateway to extend their invaluable support from the strengths of the community through the spirit of nature.

~ Kevin Stolpe, Chairman

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