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Ecology News from Around the World

Here’s a glance of vital ecology news showing trends and developments worldwide.*

Blistering heatwaves simultaneously blasting both Asia and North America recently show effects of extreme climate change:
– June 30, 2023 (The Guardian) — Fears of Hottest Year on Record as Global Temperatures Spike
– June 30, 2023 (Fortune) — It Could Be Hotter in Texas Than 99% of the Rest of the World
– July 30, 2023 (CNN) — Humans Approaching Limits of ‘Survivability’ as Sweltering Heatwaves Engulf Parts of Asia

Elsewhere in the News….
– June 30, 2023 (AP) — Glimpses of a Changing Earth, as Seen from Above
– June 30, 2023 (CNN) — 3,000 Snails Travel 3,000 Miles in an Effort to Save a Species
– June 30, 2023 (Deutsche Welle – DW) — India: How Electric Vehicles are Driving a Green Transition
– June 30, 2023 (The Cool Down) — In an Unexpected Twist, Old Coal Plants Are Being Repurposed to Generate cCean Energy
– June 30, 2023 (AP) — India’s Population Will Pass China’s Soon, but When Exactly?

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