Australia: Flora

Estimated Total Number Living Species: ~566,398 Flora and Fauna

(Non-human species. This is the total number that is estimated to exist but have not been identified. Numbers are approximate due to various reporting methods by various qualified organizations.)

Total Number of Identified Living Species: 151,074
(Australian Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water)

  • Identified Flora:  24,716 species
    • Flowering Plants: 18,706
    • Algae: 3,545
    • Ferns and Fern Allies: 498
    • Conifers: 120
    • Mosses & Liverworts: 1,847
  • Fungi & Lichens: 15,341
  • Other (bacteria, plankton, some algae, etc.): 4,186

Total Number of Endangered/Threatened Plant and Animal Species: 1,470
(IUCN Red List and The Nature Conservancy – Australia)

  • 78% (1,384) are plant species.
  • 22% (86) are animal species.
  • 1,257 threatened and endangered species are primarily affected by invasive plants, animals and pathogens (bacteria and viruses), followed by urban and housing development.