Brazil: Water

Total Water Volume:  9,292.6 billion cubic meters (bcm) – or about 2.45 quadrillion gallons.  

  • Total water volume includes surface water (8,647 bcm or 2.28 quadrillion gallons) and ground water (645.6 bcm or 170.55 trillion gallons).
  • Annual Precipitation (average): 1,778.9 mm | 70.03 inches. (World Bank Group-Climate Change Knowledge Portal)
  • Renewable water supply per resident:  42,894.2 cubic meters (11.3 million gallons).
  • Despite having the world’s greatest supply of renewable (potable) water resources, its cities have serious fresh water supply problems due to water management, distribution and sanitation issues.
  • The Amazon River basin provides about 75% of Brazil’s freshwater, but it holds only about 4% of the country’s population.