Costa Rica: Water

Total Water Volume:  113 billion cubic meters (bcm) – or about 29.85 trillion gallons. 

  • Total water volume includes surface water (75.7 bcm or 20.0 trillion gallons) and ground water (37.3 bcm or 9.85 trillion gallons).
  • Annual Precipitation (average baseline): 2,926 mm (115.2 inches).
  • Potable or rechargeable water supply per person (current): 22,603 m3 (5.97 million gallons).

Almost the entire population of Costa Rica (98% according to United Nations-Costa Rica) has access to potable water.  But effective treatment of this water has historically been problematic leading to Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado, in 2020, signing a law guaranteeing access to safe drinking water as a constitutional right.

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