United States: Water

Total Rechargeable Water Volume*:  22.7 trillion cubic meters – or about 6 quadrillion gallons.

*Surface water and groundwater supplies. (Water Footprint Calculator – US)

  • The US contains 7% of the world’s fresh (potable) water resources.
  • Total water volume includes surface water (16.8 trillion cubic meters or 4.44 quadrillion gallons) and ground water (5.9 trillion cubic meters or 1.56 quadrillion gallons). (USGS
  • Annual Precipitation (contiguous US): 769.11 mm (30.28 inches).  (NOAA – Climate Report 2020)
  • Annual Precipitation (Hawaii): 1,618 mm (63.7 inches).  (NOAA National Climatic Data Center)
  • Annual Precipitation (Puerto Rico): 2,054 mm (80.9 inches).  (Mecometer-Puerto Rico Precipitation)
  • Annual Precipitation (Alaska)*: 576.58 mm (22.70 inches).  (National Climatic Data Center)
    *Liquid water equivalent. 
  • People in the US withdraw 322 billion gallons of water a day, including both fresh and salt water. (USGS)