Ecology Prime Press

New York City-based publisher, SelectBooks Inc. has teamed up with Ecology Prime™
to create a brand-new imprimatur: Ecology Prime Press.   The goal is to cultivate new authors and projects in the environmental sphere and provide a springboard for discussion.   EPP authors will originate from diverse backgrounds with varying viewpoints.

The Tuscany Dialogs by Ervin Lazlo, PhD , and Michael Tobias, PhD, is the first publication.  A fitting first release this book features two earnest scholars who study human consciousness.  They spend six days in a conversation spanning their areas of knowledge in science, philosophy, and metaphysics to question whether our profound ecologicalcrisis, unique in the life of our planet in its potential for loss of biodiversity and the possibility of actual extinction of our species, can be rectified.

In much the same way all of Ecology Prime™ Press efforts will be based on the premise of opening discourse, exploring new ideas and bringing scientific relevance to the fore.

Upcoming projects include university student work, sustainability guides and stories of bringing science to the tundra.

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