What’s Happening in Africa?

The Great Rift Valley runs approximately 7,000 km (4,350 miles) from Lebanon in southwest Asia to Mozambique in southeast Africa where the main plate is splitting Africa in two thus eventually creating a new ocean. Pictured is the Great Rift Valley region in Kenya, Africa. (Photo by Roma Neus, Wikimedia cc 3.0)

(EP News) –  A New Ocean is Forming in the Middle of Africa! … The major solid rock plate which makes up the African continent is splitting in two along rifts in Eastern Africa.  A 35-mile (56 km) crack emerged in the Ethiopian desert in 2005 that shows the creation of a new ocean.  The fault is located within the Great Rift Valley, and it will eventually split Africa into two unequal parts. Geologists say this has been happening for some time and a new ocean will not appear for some 5 million years or so. We can wait! 🙂