What’s Happening in Portugal?

Wild Sorraia Horses in Portugal’s Vale de Zebro Reserve are making a serious comeback as part of the efforts of the Rewilding Portugal initiative to boost the region’s indigenous biodiversity in otherwise unusable land and to help offset the effects of urbanization. These endangered horses are descendants of an ancient breed on the Iberian Peninsula where experts say only about 600 remain. (Wikimedia CC 3.0 photo by Lynne Gerard)

(EP News) — An Ancient Breed of Wild Horses is Being Reintroduced in Portugal to Boost Diversity in Response to Urban Encroachment and Loss of Rural Farming! . . .  Rewilding Portugal, a private nonprofit organization, is actively working in northern Portugal to boost its indigenous diversity by reintroducing Sorraia horses, among other initiatives, in collaboration with local partners.  These horses descended from an ancient breed on the Iberian Peninsula and are now in danger of extinction. This endeavor is part of numerous projects of Rewilding Europe, founded in the Netherlands in 2011. 🙂