What’s Happening in Iceland?

Lava spews from a volcanic fissure nearly four kilometers long (2.5 miles) near Grindavik on Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula on December 18, 2023.  Though posing no harm to area residents, the lava temperature was about 1,204°C (2,200°F) with hundreds of cubic meters erupting per second before dying down.  Volcanism is seen as a normal occurrence throughout Iceland. (Photo: Iceland Civil Protection Agency)

(EP News) Grindavik, Iceland, is Today’s Hot Spot… Literally! An expected volcanic eruption occurred on Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula on December 18, 2023, and again on January 14, 2024, spewing hundreds of cubic meters per second of lava at about 1,204°C (2,200°F). Located within 3.8 kilometers (2.4 miles) north of Grindavik – a fishing town of about 3,400 residents, the eruptions posed no harm to the residents and both eased off after a couple of days.  Iceland lies directly on top of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which separates Eurasia from North America and is home to some of Earth’s most prolific volcanic activity and geothermal events. 😊