Meet Your Mother Earth™!

“Welcome to All… Your World Embraces You Here!”

Mother Earth is the human embodiment of all nature who, as a maternal figure, engages and connects everyone everywhere with the life-giving and nurturing realities of our home planet – Earth.

She connects and bonds with children all around the world through her wisdoms, stories and adventures that let them feel and understand their own importance in and relationship with their planet home. And of course, parents, teachers and other adults can relate to the aura and spirit of Mother Earth through their children, students and on their own. She warmly instills that everyone shares the same common ground.

This is the place where all people can connect with Mother Earth, her friends and adventures. In all her forms, she shares the essential dependence everyone has on the Earth simply to live and do so in harmony with all nature and its life-giving forces.

Here all visitors will be introduced to the wisdoms, adventures, stories and family of Mother Earth, along with fascinating facts about Earth – air, land and sea, featuring destinations around the world on Ecology Prime™. You can also learn about her friends and new adventures, including fascinating and intriguing facts and wisdoms that will create special bonds with all who encounter her. Welcome to Mother Earth™ !

Portrait of Mother Earth & Friends

Mother Earth first comes to life with children around the world in her first adventure called, A Forest Visit. In this story, Mother Earth’s friends – Rabbit, Owl and Squirrel – rescue a stone from a nearby stream that had been devastated by global-warming-induced flash floods. After listening to the stone and trying to decide what to do, Mother Earth and her friends together cast their magic words that bring the stone to life in the form of an Earth-like being. Mother Earth gives her new companion the name, HOPE – which stands for Helping Others Preserve the Earth. Mother Earth and Hope then set out to travel throughout the entire globe to teach children about Earth and each other’s needs. Thus begins The Adventures of Mother Earth.


Rabbit is very playful and is always eager to assist Mother Earth in the forest. His big ears let him hear all the forest’s activities.


Owl is very wise and thoughtful about the forest, always keeping an eye on things for Mother Earth.


Squirrel is very energetic and always keeps an eye on the forest, moving from tree to tree. His gloves help him keep the forest clean.


Hope is Mother Earth’s traveling companion who accompanies her all over the world, connecting the planet with children everywhere.

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  • Mother Earth Visits Africa
  • Mother Earths Visits the Grand Canyon
  • Mother Earth Visits the Coral Reefs of Galapagos Island
  • Mother Earth Explores the World’s Climate Change


I Am Your Mother Earth – an Ecology Prime Video Production. Music score and performance by Susan Clark.

Jeanne Follett is the creator and author of Mother Earth and The Adventures of Mother Earth series.  She has been an advocate for the preservation of all animal life – wild and domestic – throughout her life, as well as for the conservation of Earth’s natural resources. She is a native born New Mexican and credits her heritage and experiences growing up in the cradle of the American southwest for her special connections with nature, especially its animal life.
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  • The Adventures of Mother Earth
    – Written and Created by Jeanne Follett.
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