Dinosaur Dialogues™

~ Imagine a time warp where humans become dinosaurs and dinosaurs carry the traits of today’s human logic. ~

Yeah, well, that will never happen in our lifetime!” —  (Cartoon by: Ecology Prime Publications. Art Credits: ClipArt QueenClipart LibraryRealistic Dinosaur ClipartsClipartixVecteezy, Free PNGimg, Clipart Email.)

Dinosaurs had lived for about 170 million years before an asteroid nearly nine miles (15 kilometers) wide slammed into Earth setting off a chain of global ecological catastrophes that caused their ultimate extinction… along with 75% of all life on the planet.

Let’s fast-forward a little over 65 million years to today’s age of humans. During this time warp, what if human thinking and dinosaurs’ natural instincts became intermingled? Would humans, knowing what happened to the dinosaurs, see that today’s similar threats of natural and human-made ecological challenges can likely yield the same results? What would they be thinking?

Dinosaur Dialogues explores this mindset through simple statements in humorous cartoons that capture the sometimes-naive side of human nature despite better instincts. Each sketch holds an entertaining mirror to the ecological realities people and all animal and plant life face every day with memorable messages that hit home. In a way, Dinosaur Dialogues lets us all look at ourselves in a fun way while also addressing somewhat sobering realities facing humans and all life.

In the future, Dinosaur Dialogues will include podcasts and videos that feature dialogues among everyday people around the world about the simple facts of nature and how they think about and deal with them.

The Creation of Dinosaur Dialogues™

Dinosaur Dialogues was created by Ecology Prime Founder Eric McLamb and cofounding shareholder Dr. James de Jarnette rather serendipitously stemming from a feature story they worked on about the COVID-19 virus. It was designed to deliver meaningful messages about our sometimes naiveté regarding ecological challenges we face every day. Click here for the full story….

Dinosaur and Related Human Fast Facts


  • Did dinosaurs really die off? Not so, according to the general consensus of paleontologists (scientists who study the history of life on Earth through fossil records). Though the land-roaming dinosaur reptiles indeed became extinct, avian (bird) species continued to evolve and live today. That’s right, today’s birds evolved from the dinosaurs. Birds belong to the theropod group of dinosaurs which included the well-known Tyrannosaurus rex (also known as T-rex).
  • The event that ended the reign of the dinosaurs 65.5 million years ago, called the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event, gave rise to the appearance of mammals in the development of life on our planet. This means that non-bird dinosaurs and humans never co-existed.
  • Primates, including the first human ancestors, began to evolve soon after the dinosaur extinction event; but, modern humans, Homo sapiens, began to emerge only between 200-300,000 years ago.
  • Dinosaurs could be considered model ecologists since they lived and flourished on Earth for 150 – 165 million years before meeting their extinction from a single natural event. Today’s modern humans have only been around a very small fraction of that time and are already facing human-caused threats to survival.
  • The impact crater created by the giant asteroid that caused the dinosaurs’ extinction is located underneath the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, mostly underneath the offshore waters. Named the Chicxulub crater after the onshore community of Chicxulub Pueblo, the crater is estimated to be 120 miles (200 km) in diameter and 12 miles (20 km) deep… about 20 times larger than the actual asteroid that created it.
  • Dinosaurs lived on all continents, including Antarctica. Of course, this was during the time when Antarctica was ice free and covered with forests. (More on this…. When Dinosaurs Roamed Antarctica | BBC Earth)
  • Dinosaurs ranged in size from the gargantuan Argentinosaurus, a herbivore, at 120 feet (36.6 meters) and up to 110 tons (100 metric tons) to the Oculudentavis, a bird, at less than one-half inch (1.3 cm) and weighed under one ounce (28 grams). Scientists may have discovered dinosaurs larger and smaller than these, but these are based on today’s best evidence.
  • All dinosaurs laid eggs and did not give live birth like humans, who are warm-blooded. This does not mean that all dinosaurs were cold-blooded; most of the avian (bird) dinosaurs were warm-blooded. This is the general consensus of most scientists although there is some debate on the topic.

Published Cartoons

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