The Creation of Dinosaur Dialogues

“It was an auspicious if not serendipitous beginning,” said Ecology Prime™ founder Eric McLamb about how Dinosaur Dialogues came to life.

Art credit: Clip Art Queen.

Eric created the concept of Dinosaur Dialogues with Dr. James (Jim) de Jarnette – a cofounding shareholder of Ecology Prime™ – when they worked together on the feature story titled, The Great Adaptation: How a Nanometer-Size Virus Forced Humanity to its Knees… and to Adapt. “This feature was first published on Ecology Prime in the spring of 2020 when the COVID-19 virus began shutting things down around the world, and Jim was our psychological expert for the story.”

The Great Adaptation title invokes humans’ absolute vulnerability to things we never really think about, and that premise is what sprang forth the concept of Dinosaur Dialogues,” he continued.

During the interview for The Great Adaptation, Dr. de Jarnette compared the plight of the dinosaurs to what humans faced with COVID-19. His first reference to dinosaurs struck a profoundly humorous chord with McLamb: “The dinosaurs were the prominent residents of the world at one time. And you know what, they’re no longer here. That can happen to us,” Dr. de Jarnette was quoted.

First published in the feature story The Great Adaptation, this cartoon formed the cornerstone of Dinosaur Dialogues.

“When he said that – and the way he said it – I thought I would fall over laughing,” Eric said. “What he said was so absolutely true, but it also conjured pictures in my mind of how dinosaurs, if they were human, might have ignored warnings of imminent danger and gone merrily about their way, like Jim said. I found the humor in that to be as surreal as it was a bit sobering to know that it really could happen.”

“But it was the humor Jim and I found in the dinosaur comparison that made the interview and the story so memorable,” Eric admitted. “So, I created a cartoon inspired by his comments about dinosaurs to go with the story, and that started the concept of Dinosaur Dialogues.”

Dinosaur Dialogues Is Born

It was decided that a series of humorous cartoons would resonate best with most audiences young and old while delivering a message about the need for people to be aware of their own ecological naiveté. According to Dr. de Jarnette, each cartoon in the series can serve as an effective mnemonic device about the issues because they entertain by injecting humor.

To accomplish this, Eric scoured available dinosaur and related images that resemble the dinosaur as they may have appeared in real life but portray them more as caricatures. “It is very important to capture a certain look or expression that fits the mood of the caption,” Eric said. “We are very careful only to use images where reprint rights are available and make sure the sources are credited when requested.”

“Eventually, we will have our own art group create the caricatures and scenes to the needed specifications,” he assured. “If I could draw like that, I might never leave my desk!”

Eric and Jim agreed that Dinosaur Dialogues would start out as a continuous series of cartoons that will rapidly become weekly editions to build an audience and evolve its approach. Eventually, the series will expand to podcasts, short stories and animated videos, not to mention dialogues in social media.

Eric McLamb is the Founder and CEO of Ecology Prime Inc., the parent of the Ecology Prime™ global platform for all things ecology. He attributes his very vivid, yet subtle, imagination and approach to humor combined with a passion to help all people connect with the power of the natural world to the development of Dinosaur Dialogues. He says Dr. Jim (Dr. James de Jarnette) is a perfect collaborator for the series.

Dr. James E. de Jarnette is a cofounding shareholder of Ecology Prime Inc. and serves as Vice President of Psychological Ecology for the Ecology Prime™ platform. His unique insights on human perspective on life and living – not to mention a healthy sense of subtle, intelligent humor – add to the distinctive insights presented in Dinosaur Dialogues.

(Dinosaur Image by Ciip Art Queen.)

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