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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

What is Ecology?

ECOLOGY is the study of relationships between organisms and their environments, between all environments and among all living and non-living things.  The word ecology comes from the Greek word oikos (also οἶκος) – or ecoRead more here.

The World’s Indigenous Peoples

Autochthonous [au·​toch·​tho·​nous] Indigenous, native – (Inhabiting a place or region from earliest known times. Indigenous rather than descended from migrants or colonists. Indigenous people are our pure connections to who we are… the direct ancestors of modern humans living today, Homo sapiens. That’s 100% US!   We evolved from our earlier…
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What’s Happening in Iceland?

(EP News) Iceland Continues to be the Hot Spot… Literally! Numerous volcanic eruptions have occurred on Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula since December 18, 2023, most recently on March 16, spewing hundreds of cubic meters per second of lava at about 1,204°C (2,200°F). The eruptions have occurred just south of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, within 3.8 kilometers (2.4 miles) north of Grindavik – a fishing town of about 3,400 residents. Iceland lies directly on top of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which separates Eurasia from North America and is home to some of Earth’s most prolific volcanic activity and geothermal events. 😊

What’s Happening in Samoa?

EP News) — Samoa Ocean Strategy (SOS) Secures the Island Country’s Sustainable Future! . . .  The Samoan government’s SOS program is managing the island country’s entire ocean, protecting its ecological habitats, marine wildlife, and cultural heritage while safeguarding important sources of food, income and economic growth derived from the ocean. The strategy will protect 30% of Samoa’s ocean by 2025; only 1% has been protected.  The Waitt Institute, Conservation International and Blue Prosperity Coalition have joined the Samoan government in this strategy.  The ocean is 98% of Samoa’s domain, located in Oceania in the South Pacific. 🙂
wild horses Vale de Zebro Reserve Portugal

What’s Happening in Portugal?

(EP News) — An Ancient Breed of Wild Horses is Being Reintroduced in Portugal to Boost Diversity in Response to Urban Encroachment and Loss of Rural Farming! . . .  Rewilding Portugal, a private nonprofit organization, is actively working in northern Portugal to boost its indigenous diversity by reintroducing Sorraia horses, among other initiatives, in collaboration with local partners.  These horses descended from an ancient breed on the Iberian Peninsula and are now in danger of extinction. This endeavor is part of numerous projects of Rewilding Europe, founded in the Netherlands in 2011. 🙂
Rift Valley, Kenya

What’s Happening in Africa?

(EP News) –  A New Ocean is Forming in the Middle of Africa! … The major solid rock plate which makes up the African continent is splitting in two along rifts in Eastern Africa.  A 35-mile (56 km) crack emerged in the Ethiopian desert in 2005 that shows the creation of a new ocean.  The fault is located within the Great Rift Valley will eventually split Africa into two unequal parts. Geologists say this has been happening for some time and a new ocean will not appear for some 5 million years or so. We can wait! 🙂
Pond, Clincton Wood Nature Reserve

What’s Happening in the United Kingdom?

EP News) —  Every household is to be within 15-minutes’ walk to green space or water! … Farmers are vital to a major environmental action plan set by the United Kingdom that will ensure every household will be near protected green space.  This includes restoration of over 1.2 million acres (500 ha) of wildlife habitat, 400 miles (644 km) of rivers, and 7,400 acres (3,000 ha) of new woodlands. The 25-year plan is required by the globally-leading Environment Act 2021, enacted to improve air and water quality, protect wildlife, increase recycling and reduce plastic waste. 🙂

What’s Happening in Belgium?

(EP News) — Local human hair clippings are smartly recycled to help clean Belgian waterways! …. The Hair Recycle Project in Belgium has partnered with hair salons across the country to use human hair clippings to remove pollutants from water before it reaches local rivers and other sources. Human hair, which can absorb one million times its volume in various pollutants, is used to create matted sheets that serve as drain filters to remove the pollutants. The project, led by the Belgian non-governmental organization Dung Dung, also uses hair as organic garden fertilizer. 🙂
bamboo forest, Kyoto, Japan

What’s Happening in Japan?

(EP News) — Japan is the epicenter for the rapid creation of healthy mature forests worldwide! …. Nearly 1,700 forests throughout Asia and worldwide have been planted that grow and mature ten times faster thanks to a method created by Dr. Akira Miyawaki, professor emeritus of plant ecology at Yokohama National University. The Miyawaki method involves dense planting of 3-4 plants per square meter of land mixed with 10-30 plant species. The result is a forest that grows 10 times faster and sustain 100 times more species than normal mature forests, while fighting global deforestation. 🙂
Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in winter

What’s Happening in New Hampshire, USA?

(EP News) — Way too cold even for Frosty the Snowman! — It was the wind chill for the ages on the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire on February 4, 2023, where the wind chill dropped to a biting -108° F (-77.8° C), setting the all-time wind chill record in the United States. The actual temperature of -47° F (-44° C) — tying the record set there in 1934 — was accompanied by average winds of 89 MPH (143 KPH) with gusts up to 127 MPH (204 KPH) to deliver the ultra-extreme wind chill. Brrrrr!!! 🙂
whales and dolphins

What’s Happening in Canada!

(EP News) — Rights for whales, dolphins and porpoises are the law in Canada!   Long a crime to mistreat marine animals in Canada, lawmakers there have made it illegal to hold cetaceans – whales, dolphins and porpoises – in captivity.  It is a crime to even keep, import or export these magnificent marine animals. Facilities that currently have cetaceans are allowed to keep them, although the Vancouver Aquarium will phase out its cetacean program by 2029. 🙂
Kenyan women getting water

What’s Happening in Kenya?

(EP News) – Converting Invasive Cactus Growth into Domestic Bioenergy! . . . The Iloplei Twala Cultural Manyatta Women Group of Laikipia County, Kenya, has developed technology to convert “killer” invasive cactus growth into biogas for use in local cooking and other domestic use, while helping to preserve the local pasturelands and protect livestock from the deadly vegetative growth.  Says group member Eunice Kaparo, cactus biogas is cost efficient and eco-friendly.  🙂
Upcycling clothing

What’s Happening in Qatar?

(EP News) — What’s old is new again in Doha, Qatar!  — Sustainable fashion is becoming a cool new trend in Qatar, thanks to a group of local high school students in Doha that is transforming old and damaged clothing into highly fashionable goods such as tote bags, hair scrunchies and wristbands, among many other items.  Project Upcycle has become popular in ultra-cool fashion as well as for addressing sustainability and the great need in Qatar to reduce landfill waste.  🙂



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