Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman is an award-winning author and a recognized voice, business advisor, entrepreneur and consultant on sustainable enterprise and the convergence of energy, technology, environmental stewardship and innovation. Mark is in his element when helping individuals and organizations advance sustainability through operational effectiveness, change management, and business strategy and development. His third book, “The Dignity Doctrine: Rational Relations for an Irrational World,” will be released June 9, 2020.

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Sustainable Enterprise Series

Ecology Prime is pleased to share the exceptional work and unique perspective of seven bright minds from the Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University, Sustainable Enterprise course, of Fall 2020. Individually, the points of view shared by these independent thinkers, are timely and unique. Collectively, these voices beckon to a broader generational shift that has been underway, and which is becoming more inclusive, diverse, and focused on a shared pursuit of a more sustainable future.

We are all essential to serving the novel economy

Reimagining a world where we all deemed essential can lead to a better (re)alignment and distribution of resources -including human talent, precious natural resources, and financial capital.

Earth Day 2020: Great things will come to those who take swift #ClimateAction

Great things will come to those taking swift #ClimateAction. The past five decades of celebrating Earth Day has proven that with focused and deliberate reinforcement of environmental unity, we can make consistent progress that results in a more sustainable world.

A Silent Spring has fallen upon us

Now is our time to be open to the silence that connects us all. For it is in this silence that we will not only grow, but also discover the common ground by which we rise together to live as one with peace, prosperity and purpose.

Why it took a 16-year old to wake up the world to climate change

Greta Thunberg has become for many, a beacon of hope and inspiration as she calls on all governments and people of the world to wake up to the realities of climate change and take more progressive action on human-induced environmental degradation.



Not your everyday walk on the beach

As a student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, I was able to network through one of my professors to receive an internship at the North Carolina Coastal Reserve at Masonboro Island. I was particularly interested in the internship because it would allow me to combine both of my majors.

The Human Revolution

Just over 200 years have zipped by since humans began to truly command the planet’s resources in ways that have taken humans to unprecedented heights and advances in modern living.

The Ecological Impact of the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution marked a major turning point in Earth’s ecology and humans’ relationship with their environment. Relatively overnight, it dramatically changed every aspect of human life and lifestyles.

Top Five Threats Facing Earth & Humanity

The following Top Five Threats Facing Humanity are ranked based on their probability of occurring combined with the level of impact they can or will have if and when they occur. In every case, it most certainly is not a question or if, but when and how.

The Most Important Organism?

There are more than 7,000 different species of algae. Most live in the oceans, but they also live in fresh water and even on land.