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Ecology Prime is here to provide an online resource and platform to share all things ecology and cultural discovery. A core principle of the mission is to provide reliable information about the world in which we live.

Beyond facts and figures, the texture and feeling in every society is dictated and transformed by the individual members. That’s you, and your backyard! The things you see along your way that relate to the environment and/or that may be unique to your culture; In order to move closer to a true environmental unity, it is essential that we get to know each other better. Here at Ecology Prime ™, we are inviting all users to share a bit of their world.

We are interested in images, stories, poems, original music or anything that you feel is relevant to YOUR ecology or culture. For written pieces, spoken word and images and video you can submit your work to [email protected]. Or if you are using a social platform like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn – just give us a mention @ecologyprime OR drop a #ecologyprime and we’ll see it. Be sure to follow us on those platforms so we can share there too.! And, of course if you share or email content with us, we may share it the platforms. Read more about how that works below.

About Shared Content. It is assumed that any content that is shared or submitted is original to the sender, and by sharing and/or sending it shall be considered as permission by the owner to republish on EP as open-source content. Submission of content is not a guarantee that it will be published and shall be applicable to international open-source and fair use of content policies.