Ecology Prime™ User Guide

How to Use Ecology Prime™…

Ecology Prime™ is your world to visit, learn from, contribute to and engage as it fits your interests.  This is just the starting point for the platform which will continue to grow deep its global and expand  its collective ecological repertoire. It will all embrace and reflect your relevance to Earth’s living ecology.

To get started, Ecology Prime™ is proud to present the following simple guide and tips on how you can navigate and engage the platform: 

The EP Homepage

  • The Header: When you first visit the homepage,, you will be greeted with the essence of Ecology Prime™ from its new logo in the upper left corner,  its mission tagline – Common Ground, a basic navigation menu bar, all encased by an alluring photograph and image montage conjuring Earth’s ecological heart and soul.  

The header will appear on each page so you will have access to it basic menu and tools.  Plus, when you scroll down the page, the header will retract to a nice, easy-to-access navigation bar always at your fingertips.

  • The Ecology Prime™ Logo (Header):  Just click on the logo anytime you want to go back to the homepage.
  • Drop-Down Menus (Header): This menu bar provides easy access to major content areas and tools. Click on the area of interest then choose your specific interest from the dropdown menu items.
    (See My Library below for details on this special feature.)
  • Social Media Bar (Header): The social media bar is just next to the drop-down menu.  Click on any of the social media icons to enter that platform for Ecology Prime™. 

Social media is one of the best ways to communicate with all EP followers as well as contribute content to Ecology Prime™. To learn more, Click Here. 

  • Language Translation (Header): 
    Click on the language translator in the upper right-hand corner of the header to   choose the language of your preference.  It is a small rectangular box that displays the language name and flag of a country where it is dominant. Every page you visit will be presented in the language you choose.  You can switch language at any time.  

This is an important device that will allow everyone to engage and connect with Ecology Prime™ and other EP explorers in their own language.  Initially, EP explorers can engage the platform in nine different languages which span all continents and 60% of languages spoken today.  Very soon, the remaining basic languages, including Arabic, Indonesia, Bengali, Russian, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Korean, Italian, Urdu, Punjabi, Polish, Nigerian, Afrikaans and others will become part of the translation communications system.

  • Search Bar (Header and Sitewide): The magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the header allows you to search for specific information on the Ecology Prime™ website from specific information of interest and basic statistics to full-length articles.  Just click on the icon and type the search term you are interested in… then just hit enter on your keyboard.  You can also find the search bar in the middle of many EP pages, including the Destinations pages.
  • The Middle Menu Bar:  The white bar that appears just under the main photo image underneath the header contains special links that help users better engage the Ecology Prime™ platform. These will change from time to time as new functionalities and features are added. Staples of the middle menu bar are:
    • Contribute Content – how to contribute content for publishing on the EP platform.
    • Sign Up   Sign up to join the Ecology Prime™ family and receive updates and news flashes.  You will also be able to contribute content and participate in upcoming features including Ecology Prime™ Passport –  the future app giving Passport members their personal, total ecology connection to the real world from the palm of their hands.  Coming Soon!
    • Tools – resources to help with understanding content.
    • Recent Highlights – news features and articles you might have missed.
    • Ecology Heroes – the stories about the people and events who have shaped today’s ecological awareness and applications.
  • The Footer: The footer appears at the bottom of each page and contains complementary information and details regarding the site.
    • The Ecology Prime™ Logo (Footer): Just like the EP logo in the header, you can simply click on the logo in the footer to return to the homepage at any time.
    • Word Statistics Icons: Click on any of the icons representing the ecological area of your interest, and you will link directly to the listing of that specific information for the country of your choosing.  The areas are: Population, Surface Area, Temperature, Water, Energy, Air Quality, Flora, and Fauna.
    • FAQs – Frequently Ask Questions (Footer): Click on any question to see an immediate response. These are questions commonly asked about Ecology Prime™. Additional questions will be added on visitor demand.
    • Submit an Idea (Footer):  Anyone can submit ideas they may have for offerings on Ecology Prime™ by simply filling in the information.  All submissions will be strictly protected as stated in The Ecology Prime™ Privacy Policy.
    • Copyright/Trademark Notice & Social Media Icons: You will find these at the very lower portion of the footer. The copyright and trademark information are legal notices of ownership.  Access EP social media by clicking on any of the icons (see header information for additional details on EP social media.)
  • My Library:  This is a “favoriting” option that make its easy for you to save and find articles later..  Just click on the Star symbol following each piece and that article will be archived to your library so that you can refer it at your leisure.
  • Search Bar: This allows you to search for specific information on the Ecology Prime™ website from specific information of interest and basic statistics to full-length articles.  Just type the search term you are interested in and click on the magnifying glass icon or just hit enter on your keyboard.  You can find the search bar in the hear
  • Ecology Prime™ Destinations:
    Click on the Destinations homepage link to find what country you would like to visit… or select the country directly from the Destinations drop-down menu.  Once there, you will see an image slider with pictures that showcase different aspects of the country, an Index Tab File listing special information about the country, followed by a full listing of the country’s environmental statistics.  After the statistics you can visit the primary sources used to support the information presented, and a list of the country’s environmental organization and educational institutions offering environmental studies.
  • Destinations lets you discover the ecological real-life ecology of each country worldwide, from its current environmental statistics and highlights to its people and living conditions.  It is a platform into itself where all countries, peoples and cultures are connected.  Destinations will feature every country and its ecological uniqueness.  When you visit each country, you can feel like you are there and connect with its peoples and ecological spectrum.  Each country presents itself and its residents can connect with the rest of world.  Eventually, Destinations will offer both virtual as well as onsite ecotourism opportunities customized to your preferences.

If you have any questions about navigating and using the Ecology Prime™ platform, please send us a message at [email protected]!  Icon

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