Code of Ethics and Practices for Ecology Prime™ Media Inc.

Ecology Prime™ is a global, information, news, research and mainstream media publishing service developed in collaboration with students and faculty, scientists, journalists, consumers, businesses and cultural destinations worldwide for the advancement and enrichment of ecology-related studies, career development and all life and living.

Ecology Prime™ shall follow, to the best extent possible, the following principles in providing this service of, by and for all cultures, all nationalities, all ethnicities and all faiths… all humanity. Ecology Prime shall:

  • Provide a truly collaborative community of, by and for all peoples, including students, faculties, consumers and businesses of all cultures.
  • Empower and support all students and faculty.
  • Present balanced, diverse and unbiased viewpoints.
  • Engage and empower young and old.
  • Explore the myriad relationships of all living organisms and their environments.
  • Promote sensibility and practicality.
  • Inform and place into understandable and popular context.
  • Provide a nurturing environment.
  • Inspire through example.
  • Entertain.
  • Impart a fair and balanced media environment for all.
  • Constantly strive for journalistic excellence.
  • Safeguard and uphold integrity of information.
  • Encourage and help foster collaboration.
  • Provide and encourage fair practice.
  • Uphold and reinforce advertising and sponsorship stewardship.
  • Understand and respect imperfection as a fact of life.
  • Instill and preserve editorial integrity.


All who work within or in association with Ecology Prime Media Inc. and its core service, Ecology Prime™, are bound by this Declaration of Principles as presented.