The EP Mission

Welcome to the Heart of Ecology!

  • It’s where all things connect through the human experience… all people, cultures, languages, and interests.
  • The World’s #1 Go-To Resource to explore… learn… research… and connect with our environment.
  • A place everybody can make their home on the web and engage the planet in real time… everyone… anywhere!
  • Where students engage, collaborate and participate in an unlimited environmental journey in real time.
  • Where business, education, and the global population converge on Common Ground to improve life and living.

Unite with the only place that humanizes environmental study and the full spectrum of ecology… in all its workings.

The Ecology Prime Mission

To become the
World’s #1 Go-To Authoritative Resource for the study, embrace and exploration of the environment and …
the day’s environmental dynamics through
Global Engagement & Communications, Collaborative Education, Eco-Exploration, Travel and Publishing …
for every person… locally, regionally, worldwide.

Ecology Prime™ is a new platform that is designed for direct personal engagement with and exploration of our global ecology in its entirety, the things and systems that we connect with every day that define and impact life and living. Ecology Prime™ is where all things are designed to connect through the human experience… for all people, cultures, languages, interests and beliefs.

This is just the beginning and not even the tip of the iceberg! Ecology Prime™ was envisioned to grow in partnership with you… everyday citizens, businesses, students, educators, consumers and all people to always engage the facts, realities and actualities about our global neighborhood without spin in ways that everyone can find most interesting and meaningful… and along the way to see, feel and genuinely sense the world in its pure essence. This is designed to be a hub system that people from every walk of life on Earth are uniquely engaged. No political spinning and no forcing of opinions as facts…. just the planet as it is in all its simplicities and its magnificent complexities. Ecology Prime™ is where the only thing that spins is our planet Earth!