Editorial and Publishing Policy

The editorial policy of Ecology Prime™ (EP), a service wholly owned and operated by Ecology Prime Inc. (EPI), a Delaware Corporation, concerns all content produced, commissioned, acquired or otherwise obtained by the Company for publication by EP on ecologyprime.com and via associated platforms including video and social media.  

This editorial policy shall be applied in ways that maintain integrity, preserve trust and does not constrain journalistic enquiry or artistic expression.  Adherence to EP’s Declaration of Principles is essential to this policy.  All who are involved with content publishing for EP are required to act and perform with integrity and take account of likely harms to EP, EPI and the public trust in exercising their power and responsibility.  

EP’s editorial policy is intended to be applied with due regard for the nature of the content provided and its applicability and relevance to the broad topics and genres of global ecology.  Editorial must be reasonably separated from advertising and sponsorship messages; to wit, advertising and sponsorship messages may worked in tandem with EP editorial content but they may not, under any circumstances, provide altered or skewed information that imparts inaccurate data or related material contrary to this editorial policy.  In breaking-news situations, accuracy must be the overriding concern, as in all published editorial content.The Editorial Policy, Standards and Ethics Committee (Editorial Committee) shall monitor and manage all messages delivered by EP.  The Executive Publisher has ultimate editorial jurisdiction, direction and responsibility.  The Editorial Committee shall consist of the Executive Publisher and EP’s senior editors including the Executive Editor (Editor in Chief) and Senior News Editor.  This committee shall be responsible for all published content ensuring timeliness and values are maintained.

About Shared Content. It is assumed that any content that is shared or submitted is original to the sender, and by sharing and/or sending it shall be considered as permission by the owner to republish on EP as open-source content. Submission of content is not a guarantee that it will be published and shall be applicable to international open-source and fair use of content policies.