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Data and related content presented by Ecology Prime™, excluding social media posts, are derived from reliable and authoritative sources with attributions duly noted for all content and data used or referenced in their total, collected exhibition.  The editorial staff for Ecology Prime™ operates in accordance with its editorial policy and Declaration of Principles to the best extent possible through the use of its own original and proprietary material and research, aggregated data and related content from multiple resources, and multiple reliable open-source resources which may be used in full or in part.  Any use of copyrighted content is used either by permission or through fair use as defined by section 107 of the United States’ Copyright Act and in accordance with The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works international copyright treaty and the World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty As the case may be, images, video and related media are curated under the management and administration of the parent company Ecology Prime Inc. (EPI) or its strategic alliance partner, the Foundation of Ecology (FFE), a non-profit organization assigned 501(c)3 status under the United States’ Internal Revenue Service code.

Fair Use Copyright for Uncredited Photos and Images: It is not the intention of Ecology Prime Inc. or Foundation for Ecology to profit from anyone’s work in either photographic or video formats. In all cases, such media was created by and for EPI or/and FFE or were acquired from the source parties and credited per agreement if the material was not designated as open source. In certain cases where photos or videos are not credited, comprehensive efforts were made to find the source whenever possible (such as a photo being used in many multiples on website locations without assigned credit); if the original source could not be determined and where no copyright assignment was attached to the media, the images or videos may be used on the Ecology Prime™ platform as open source. In these cases, should any rights holder of the media material, if not designated open source, wish that their material not be used, they can simply contact either EPI or FEE via email at [email protected] and the specified material will be removed without question. in such cases, EPI or FEE may follow up with the sources to determine the accuracy of the copyright information provided.

Veracity of Information Provided: All information, including statistics, measurements, scientific detail, cultural and historical data and other related data, are compiled through Ecology Prime™ Data Resources (EPDR) using a minimum “triple check verification” system or through its own mathematical calculations.  Ecology Prime™ applies best efforts to attain, analyze and calculate data, as the case may be, from the most authoritative sources available, including its own proprietary research, which is reasonably verified by at least three independent reliable sources.  

Due to widespread application of different research methods and continually changing ecological and historical conditions, certain data will vary from source to source as well as over time.  In such cases, such fluctuating data presented by Ecology Prime™ can and should be considered approximate, albeit with reasonable confidence that the data is accurately presented based on the best data available.

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